Optimiser Impeller Software

optimiser-girl-200Multi-Wing offers Optimiser, our versatile impeller selection software. Optimiser has the most precise and comprehensive data Multi-Wing has ever compiled, including almost 9,000 performance and noise curves. If you have questions at any step along the way, you can access our product support literature through the “online info” tab built right into the program. Optimiser will take you through each phase of the fan selection process using your operational, performance and mechanical parameters, straight through to the fan selection and all the relevant documentation.

With it’s auto-update feature, extensive new data, and user-friendly screens, Optimiser impeller software is the next best thing to having a Multi-Wing engineer sitting next to you through your entire fan selection process.



Basic users should submit their email address below, and we will send a link to download the Optimiser software. Advanced users should contact their Multi-Wing America Sales Engineer directly for login access to the program's advance functions.

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