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Multi-Wing Generations of Axial Fan Expertise

Generations of
Axial Fan Expertise

Multi-Wing has serviced North America's fan needs since 1972

Multi-Wing Lifetime Engineering Support

Lifetime Engineering Support

Application experience you can trust over the life of your fan

Dedicated Customer Service Staff

Dedicated Customer Service Staff

Custom orders with short lead times and real-time tracking

Multi-Wing Custom Selections: Diameters from 8 in. to 9 ft.

Custom Selections:
Diameters 8 in. - 9 ft.

Delivering fans specifically
designed for your requirements

Fan Selection Software

Input your data to determine the optimum fan solution for your industry requirements.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Customers:

Engineering support.

Customer survey reply

Low cost, quick shipment & expanding product range.

Customer survey reply

When ever I need help with a fan, I call Bob Bogdany and we talk things out.

Customer survey reply

Great products and even greater people!

Customer survey reply

Multi-Wing manufactures an excellent product at a reasonable price. The modular design of the fans we use makes it simple to make changes when needed.

Customer survey reply

From my perspective the customer service is among my top 5 of all my suppliers!

Customer survey reply

Available sizing software, breadth of products, quick lead times, quick 3D models when requested.

Customer survey reply

Optimiser software that allows easy access to help determine best fit for a particular application. Blade design that minimizes noise & maximizes performance.

Customer survey reply

Very strong engineering/sales dept: Steve Druhot is my go-to guy for fans!

Customer survey reply

Optimiser software that allows easy access to help determine best fit for a particular application.

Customer survey reply

Axial fans designed by the world’s leading industrial impeller manufacturer

For more than 40 years Multi-Wing America has manufactured custom impellers for radiator and engine cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration markets. From our facility in Burton, Ohio just 30 miles east of Cleveland, we produce almost 500,000 axial fans annually.

At Multi-Wing America we start with a design customized for your industry, building each axial fan from the highest quality components. High-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs are combined with our high-efficiency blade profiles, which are molded in engineered thermoplastics or die cast in aluminum.

Multi-Wing combines superior engineering, outstanding customer service and an unparalleled attention to detail in production to provide the best product in the industrial impeller business. From our Sales Engineers and Customer Service Department to our Manufacturing and Shipping staffs, we will ensure that your custom axial fan selection is built to perform and delivered when you need it.

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