Multi-Wing's Wind Tunnel

One of the key assets that helped establish Multi-Wing as the world leader in axial flow impeller design and production is our wind tunnel, which is based at our research facility in Denmark. Initially installed as a new product development tool, this test facility has played an important role in producing vital empirical data.

The wind tunnel is designed to the AMCA A/ISO 5801 Standard, 12 computer controlled and recorded measurements produce extremely accurate and reliable performance data for an impeller’s entire pressure range. The wind tunnel has enabled Multi-Wing to stay at the forefront of impeller design and to develop a comprehensive range of impellers with blade profiles to meet the demands of the industrial and HVAC markets.

Our customers have also enjoyed the direct benefit of the Multi-Wing wind tunnel by using its data to make improvements to their own applications. This helps qualify the precise airflow and helps test the impact on performance of construction changes to the impeller housing.

Technical Description

The wind tunnel in the lab at Multi-Wing International is designed in accordance with the principle outlined in AMCA 210-99 Figure12. The test chamber is an outlet type designed to handle ducted and none ducted fans. The 4 set-up types are as follows:

A: free inlet, free outlet                    C: ducted inlet, free outlet
B: free inlet, ducted outlet                D: ducted inlet, ducted outlet

Multi-Wing International’s database is generated using set-up A, following in general, the AMCA test method chapter 1-10.

Technical drawing of Multi-Wing's Wind Tunnel