Multi-Wing's Research and Development Facilities

CAD System

Multi-Wing uses SolidWorks CAD software to develop state-of-the-art impellersAll Multi-Wing products are developed using the 3D CAD system Solid Works®. By describing our products as 3D solid models we eliminate interpretation errors in the communication with toolmakers and suppliers, insuring that our final products are as designed. The 3-dimensional product description makes it easy to transfer data to downstream applications for Visualization, FEM analysis or CNC machining. Our CAD data is controlled by a Product Data Management System which provides full version and access control. This insures that our documentation is up to the quality assurance demands of the ISO 9001 standard.

Rapid Prototyping Machine

As a tool to further improve our designs we have invested in a Rapid Prototyping Machine. This machine produces 3D models in ABS plastic directly from our CAD drawings. This state of the art technology enables us to produce prototypes, test, and make adjustments if required, enabling us to do more design cycles, more quickly. The result is a better Multi-Wing impeller design that gets to market faster.

Finite Element Method

Another important tool in product development is Finite Element Method Analysis software. This tool is used to predict modal frequencies and stress loads on the fan blade, and stress loads and deformation in hub plates. It can even predict stress loads affecting a complete impeller. This tool is critical to the development of our highly reliable designs.