Multi-Wing's Engineering Guidelines

The Multi-Wing Engineering Guide provides a comprehensive engineering overview of the Multi-Wing System. The Guide also includes essential design principles that can assist you in achieving the maximum efficiency, performance, and lowest noise levels in your application.

Fan Laws

When the working conditions differ from those stated on the performance curves (speed and diameter), adjustment should be made using the following formulae before reference to the performance curves.

Contra-Rotating Two-Stage Axial Impellers

When a high static pressure is needed a configuration of two counter rotating impellers is often an overlooked solution.

Field Study of Performance and Noise for TR7Z

Our field tests show that the TR7Z impeller provides real efficiency advantages that can be translated into energy savings in wood drying applications.

White Paper

Proper Fan Selection Is Critical to Success

Proper Fan Selection is Critical to Success White PaperSelecting the right fan that delivers excellent performance and efficiency for the intended application is complex. And the customizable options, including blade shape, pitch angle, diameter, width, material composition, mounting type and more, are virtually endless. This white paper explores some of the important considerations to help specifiers, engineers, integrators and others minimize delays and get the best fan performance for their application.

Video Library

Visit the video library to watch useful demonstrations to help you select the right fan for the intended application.   

Fan Video Library | Measuring Fan Diameter