Refrigeration fans built with industrial strength, high efficiency fan blades

Multi-Wing America is a leading provider of robust impellers for the refrigeration market, offering a custom engineered solution for virtually any air-moving application.  Extreme temperatures call for a refrigeration fan that can stand up to the most extreme conditions, and Multi-Wing’s aluminum fan series answers that call using rugged components and superior engineering.

  • Custom refrigeration fans
  • Aluminum fans for extreme applications
  • High strength, high efficiency fans
  • Corrosion resistant fan blades and hardware
  • Maximum airflow and static pressure

Multi-Wing’s die-cast aluminum blades produce an aerodynamically superior profile, creating a refrigeration fan that provides the exact amount of air needed in a demanding environment.  Anchored in our high-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs, our H, Z and W series impellers generate high airflow and high pressure while standing up to the rigors of temperature extremes.  Multi-Wing America’s aluminum airfoil blades have the design flexibility to maximize airflow and static pressure: tailor-made as a refrigeration fan for a range of uses.

From produce and food storage to the severe temperature requirements of blast freezers down to -76ºF, a Muti-Wing refrigeration fan can generate the high pressure necessary to deliver results ranging from the temperature control for fruit ripening to the high pressure to overcome iced coils in freezer applications.  And now that defrost cycles are longer and heating elements ensure that ice bridges don’t accumulate between fan shrouds and blades, our custom-engineered solutions provide a much broader range of product and performance opportunities over a fixed-pitch, one-piece cast refrigeration fan. However, if ice does pose a problem our high-strength nylon blades can be an excellent alternative, because ice tends to glide off the glass reinforced polyamide material.

Multi-Wing America’s corrosion-resistant, aluminum airfoil profiles are available in a diameter range of 7 to 76 inches and include the 3C, 4Z, 5Z, 5W, 6W, 9W and 3H blades.  With a diameter range of 18-31.5 inches, we also offer the aluminum 2Z as our low-noise sickle option in the refrigeration market.  For high efficiency, high strength and high static pressures, Multi-Wing America can design a custom refrigeration fan to handle virtually any application from blast freezers to food storage.