Radiator fan design built on generations of engine cooling experience

Multi-Wing America specializes in custom engineered radiator fans designed to comply with the EPA’s Tier 4 Requirements for Non-Road Mobile Diesel Engines. Our spectrum of current customer applications includes power generation, construction equipment, generators, motor coach chassis, off-highway equipment, and stand-alone portable heat exchangers for engine drive power units used in oil and gas exploration. The Multi-Wing engineering staff reviews the mechanical and performance requirements for every single application before designing a low noise, high efficiency radiator fan for each engine cooling opportunity.

Contemporary cooling packages have to be modified to meet stringent Tier 4 heat rejection requirements, and the radiator fan selection is a critical component of that process. Implementing an optimized fan selection can increase airflow by 10 percent, which would also increase heat rejection by 8 percent as a single variable. By using a custom engineered radiator fan optimized to increase airflow through the cooling package, you can increase heat rejection by 25 percent or more. Multi-Wing’s airfoil, sickle and new PressureMAX series blades generate high airflow and static pressure in a low noise fan, and our component parts system gives our engineers the flexibility to make critical design adjustments that can put your application on the right side of Tier 4 compliance.

Our two most popular profiles are the sickle and airfoil blades, and both can be engineered into high efficiency, low noise radiator fans that will deliver high performance in the most demanding conditions. Both profiles have twisted blade designs that ensure equal airflow across the blades, and their thin trailing edges reduce wake turbulence for reduced noise in compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Noise and Hearing Conservation Standards for hearing conservation. The sickle blade creates greater pressure at slower speeds in a radiator fan, and the airfoil generates high volume airflow making both profiles popular selections for engine cooling solutions. Using our industrial strength thermoplastic fan blades reduces wear on fan drives because our blades are less than half the weight of steel. And with Tier 4’s increased heat rejection requirements, our narrow profile radiator fans are the perfect fit for engine compartments with reduced installation space.