Browse axial fan blades by blade profile


  • Most efficient design in optimized conditions
  • Low noise from twisted blade design
  • Low power consumption
  • Cooling towers, engine cooling, HVAC, Refrigeration
  • Diameter range of 8-108 inches

  • Computer-optimized design
  • Decreases noise by 2 to 3 dB
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Customized for your specifications

  • High static pressure
  • Narrow depth for restricted spaces
  • Minimal blade deflection
  • Decreased operating noise
  • New blade foot design for maximum strength
  • Diameter range of 17.5" to 25" (445 to 635 mm)

  • Reduces noise by up to 7 dBA
  • Maintains performance at lower speeds
  • Large chord length generates greater pressure
  • Radiators, engine cooling, compressors, generators & refrigeration
  • Diameter range of 12-99 inches

  • High efficiency, high pressure, low noise fan
  • Produces equally high airflow in both directions
  • Cost effective alternative to variable pitch fans
  • Wood drying kilns, Radiators, Ventilation, Food Processing
  • Diameter range of 13-63 inches

  • Ideal for sharp-edge inlet or large tip clearance
  • High airflow, high static pressure
  • Lightweight - reduces wear on drive components
  • Construction, Generators, Engine Power Units
  • Diameter range of 7-49 inches

  • Reduced noise at lower tip speeds
  • Maintain performance at lower speeds
  • High solidity due to large chord length
  • Cooling Towers, Condensers, Coil Applications, Ventilation, Refrigeration
  • Diameter range of 10-65 inches

  • Engine cooling fan that delivers peak efficiency at higher pressure
  • Built for orifice plate inlets with large tip clearances
  • Combined axial and radial airflow pattern moves air around the engine
  • Perfect for Tier 4 narrow installation spaces
  • Engineered to fit the Mahle T65 viscous clutch
  • Diameter range of 21.5-29 inches

  • High pressure impeller
  • Low noise signature
  • High efficiency
  • Narrow axial depth
  • Tier 4/Stage III B engine cooling
  • Save fuel and horsepower
  • Diameter range of 24.5-51 inches