Multi-Wing expands O-PMAX One-Piece Molded Fan product line

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
O-PMAX One-Piece Molded Fan

Multi-Wing has expanded its line of O-PMAX One-Piece Molded Fans. These fans are designed for equipment with compact engine compartments, such as skid steers, construction equipment, mobile compressors, loaders and others. In addition to the existing O-PMAX2, Multi-Wing has added O-PMAX3 with a diameter range from 17 to 23.6 inches (432 to 600 mm) and O-PMAX4, which has a diameter range from 23.6 to 30 inches (600 to 762 mm). A fixed-pitch angle fan, O-PMAX fans are engineered to deliver high-pressure, outstanding performance and efficiency with reduced power consumption and noise.

O-PMAX fans are affordable and ideal for high-volume production applications. Once requirements have been determined using Multi-Wing’s product development tools, an exact scale model is created and tested in the in-house wind tunnel to ensure that the fan meets specifications.

Blades are constructed of glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG) with an operating temperature range from -40° to 230°F (-40° to 110°C). These fans are compatible with bimetal or E-visco fan clutches.

Performance testing of the 7-blade O-PMAX3 fan at 1400 RPM shows a 5-percent increase in airflow and a 4-percent increase in pressure compared to a competitive fan.
O-PMAX3 has a maximum axial depth of 3.74 inches (95 mm) and operating speed up to 3450 RPM for the largest-diameter fan. It is available with a 0.86-inch (22-mm) pilot for easy machining to different flange and pulley sizes.

Performance testing of the 11-blade O-PMAX4 One-Piece Molded Fan compared to the competitive fan shows an increase in airflow up to 2.3 percent. It also achieves 4.2 percent higher pressure and 2 dB(A) lower noise emissions. It is a strong and high-pressure solution with excellent efficiency for engine cooling applications. The largest diameter O-PMAX4 has operating speeds up to 2426 RPM. A cup-shaped mounting plate version is available to keep total width as minimal as possible.

Multi-Wing’s O-PMAX2 has a diameter range of 14 to 20 inches (360 to 520 mm) with operating speeds up to 4585 RPM for the maximum-diameter fan. It is also offered with a cup-shaped mounting plate version to keep the total width as narrow as possible. The 19-inch (480-mm) O-PMAX2 fan has an axial depth of just 2.80 inches (71 mm).