Industrial ventilation fan design built on decades of industrial ventilation fan experience

The industrial ventilation fan market has relied on Multi-Wing since 1972, and with today’s global focus on efficiency and cost savings that experience has proven vital across multiple markets. Multi-Wing builds custom industrial ventilation fans for a range of applications including paint spray booths, agricultural ventilation, tunnel ventilation and commercial ventilation. We build our high efficiency industrial ventilation fans from aerodynamically superior blade profiles, and complement the process with a comprehensive understanding of our markets.

Our engineers are expert at designing low noise industrial ventilation fans that use less power, and Multi-Wing’s axial fans generate the high airflows and high static pressures required in most ventilation applications. Contemporary HVAC system design has become increasingly sophisticated, offering greater control and opportunities for significant energy savings, especially over the out-dated equipment in older buildings. Multi-Wing engineers can optimize air distribution systems by designing high efficiency supply and exhaust industrial ventilation fans.

Optimizing your HVAC system’s industrial ventilation fans can also pay rewards well beyond the energy savings of increased efficiency. Countless utility company rebate programs complement incentives from state and local agencies for lower horsepower consumption using technologies like variable fan drives (VFDs). The federal government’s Energy Star Program also outlines tax deductions for commercial buildings that improve heating and cooling efficiency and meet ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2001. And The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) details additional financial incentives for energy efficient commercial buildings under its Building Technologies Program. With the DOE’s planned National Building Rating Program designed to create benchmarks for energy efficiency in commercial buildings, this is the perfect time to retrofit dated HVAC systems with custom industrial ventilation fans.

Multi-Wing America designs industrial ventilation fans in four blade profiles: sickle, airfoil, broad paddle, and true reversible. The true reversible profile produces equal airflow in both directions and can achieve total efficiencies of more than 70 percent. Efficiency and low noise make Multi-Wing’s airfoil and sickle blades the ideal solution for many industrial ventilation fans because their twisted design reduces turbulence across the blade’s surface and provides uniform, high volume airflow with low power consumption. And our broad paddle profile’s broad chord width produces higher pressures at low speeds. All our industrial ventilation fans are built using lightweight thermoplastics and aluminum and are ideal for harsh environments that require corrosion resistant fans.