Industrial exhaust fan design driven by unsurpassed fan engineering

Multi-Wing America designs industrial exhaust fans for a wide spectrum of applications including agricultural ventilation, hog barn ventilation, cattle barn ventilation, poultry ventilation, mine shaft ventilation, tube axial fans, vane axial fans, panel fans, building exhaust fans, engine room exhaust fans, and cargo hold exhaust fans. This is just a sample of the industrial exhaust fan applications that use Multi-Wing America’s high efficiency, energy saving, low noise fans.

While most of our industrial exhaust fans may utilize either our sickle or airfoil blades, we also have designed solutions using our broad paddle and true reversible profiles. The true reversible profile produces equal airflow in both directions and can achieve total efficiencies of more than 70 percent. A true reversible industrial exhaust fan is a cost effective axial flow fan and does not compromise on airflow. Moving air at slow speeds is also what our broad paddle profile is designed to accomplish. Our broad paddle axial blades can produce higher pressure at low speeds based on their broad chord width, allowing them to run at slower tip speeds and leading to quieter industrial exhaust fans.

Much like the broad paddle blade, the sickle profile’s large chord length and overall surface area also allow it to run at slower speeds for high efficiency and quieter operation. Efficiency and low noise make Multi-Wing’s airfoil blades the ideal solution for many industrial exhaust fans. Our airfoil blade’s twisted design reduces turbulence across the blade’s surface and provides uniform, high volume airflow with low power consumption for optimum efficiency.

Multi-Wing America’s industrial exhaust fans are available in glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG), glass reinforced polyamide (PAG), anti-static glass reinforced polyamide (PAGAS), and Aluminum (AL).  We can engineer a Multi-Wing America industrial exhaust fan using 3 to 16 blade configurations with a diameter range of 8 to 108 inches. Multi-Wing America offers the 2H, 3H, 3Z, 4Z, 5Z, 5W, 6W, 7W, 9W and 10G blades in our airfoil series; the 8D, 8M and 8W blades in our broad paddle series; the 1H, 4H, 1Z, 2Z, 7Z, 1W, 2W, 3W and 1G blades in our sickle series; and in the TR7Z, TR8Z and TR11W in our true reversible series.