Impellers for your specific requirements, designed by air moving experts

Multi-Wing America’s Sales Engineering Staff uses our full range of custom impellers to design air moving solutions for virtually any application. Our innovative system of interchangeable components employs a broad range of blade profiles. Our impellers have a diameter range of 8 to 108 inches, use pressure die cast aluminum alloy hubs, and they are available in the following industrial materials: glass reinforced polyamide (PAG), glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG), aluminum (AL), industrial strength glass reinforced polyamide (PAGI), electro anti-static nylon (PAGAS) and super tuff nylon (PAGST).

For impellers that have to perform in the rigors of highly corrosive environments, we also offer hard coat, anodized and epoxy coatings for impeller hardware, and we can accommodate any special coatings your application may require. Our extensive experience in the impeller industry has given us unique insights into our core markets: engine cooling, radiators, HVAC and refrigeration.

We serve those markets using a range of blade profiles and other variables that may be engineered to deliver precise performance criteria based on your specific application requirements. Whether it’s our low noise sickle profile, our high efficiency airfoil profile, our high air volume broad paddle profile, the high static pressure of our increasing arc profile, or the balanced airflow of our true reversible profile, we know how to optimize the right air moving solution for your specific impeller requirements.

All Multi-Wing America impellers are injection molded in engineered thermoplastics or cast aluminum for strong, lightweight components that deliver the heavy duty performance you require while resulting in less wear on motors and bearings. With three generations of application expertise and our in-house customer service department, Multi-Wing America can assure quality and value with the shortest lead times in the impeller industry.