Custom axial impellers designed from five different impeller profiles

Multi-Wing America builds a broad range of high strength impellers across the HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial heat exchanger markets. Multi-Wing designs custom impellers for applications requiring low noise impellers, high efficiency impellers, high airflow impellers and high pressure impellers. Our design flexibility is a direct result of our component part system and five distinct blade profiles, married with our sales engineering staff’s generations of application expertise.

Multi-Wing’s airfoil impellers have a twisted blade design that reduces vortex shedding along the blade profile, making it a very popular choice for low noise applications. The high efficiency airfoil is ideal in a compact envelope and can be the most efficient impeller in optimized conditions. Our true reversible impeller is also airfoil selection, but its unique design allows it to produce equal airflow in both directions with efficiencies well above 70 percent. As a low noise airfoil blade, its sturdy design is perfect for the most rugged applications involving heavy debris including waste management, agriculture and forestry.

Like the airfoil, the sickle impeller is specifically designed for sound reduction by reducing vortex shedding as air leaves the blade surface. The sickle varies from the airfoil because the blade uses a distinct curved leading edge and also has a broader surface area, though both are high efficiency impellers. Multi-Wing’s broad paddle impellers use a broad chord width to generate high pressures at lower RPM. And reduced fan speeds also mean reduced tip-speed-generated sound, which is one more reason why the broad paddle is the selection of choice in oil coolers, condensers, and for cooling tower fans. Finally, our increasing arc impellers are ideal for generating high static pressures and high airflows in a lightweight fan. The increasing arc’s broad blade tip improves impeller performance in inefficient inlet geometry and is especially effective with a sharp-edge inlet or large tip clearance.