Impeller software Optimiser 7 guides you through industrial fan selection

Multi-Wing America’s Optimiser 7 impeller software sets the standard for fan selection programs for virtually any air-moving application. The latest version of Multi-Wing’s impeller software has a wealth of powerful features including an auto-update function that automatically upgrades your Optimiser 6 to the most current version every time you launch the program. And that includes all future versions of Optimiser as well.

Equipped with performance curves, noise analysis and mechanical properties, Optimiser 7 impeller software is a highly technical, robust engineering tool that can bring even more to your application design. In fact, the earlier in the design process that you put the impeller software to work, the better. Once application design restrictions lead to air-moving challenges, the problems are much harder to solve. Combining the Optimiser 7 impeller software with the benefit of generations of expertise from the Multi-Wing Engineering Staff early in the design process ultimately creates the best possible solutions in an ideal time frame.

Using Multi-Wing’s impeller software in conjunction with a Multi-Wing sales engineer is truly a condensed version of a much more elaborate, thorough design process. You begin by determining your operational parameters including fan diameter, tip clearance, the inlet, rotational speed and temperature range. Next, you look at physical parameters including the blade type, materials for the blade and hub, and the mounting requirement. After determining your performance and mechanical parameters, you’re ready to look at the documentation and select your axial fan.

Optimiser 7 impeller software has the most precise and comprehensive data Multi-Wing has ever compiled, including almost 9,000 performance and noise curves. It is a complete electronic warehouse of Multi-Wing’s precise impeller measurements and sound data, helping you solve virtually any fan design challenge with the confidence that you have chosen the ideal impeller for your application. With it’s auto-update feature, extensive new data, and user-friendly screens, Optimiser 7 impeller software is the next best thing to having a Multi-Wing engineer sitting next to you through your entire fan selection process.