Impeller manufacturer Multi-Wing America leads all impeller manufacturers in fan engineering

Impeller manufacturer Multi-Wing America has been designing industrial fans since 1972. Based 30 miles east of Cleveland in Burton, Ohio, Multi-Wing is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Multi-Wing specializes in building axial fans for heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, radiator and engine cooling applications. As the nation’s leading impeller manufacturer, Multi-Wing designs and builds almost 500,000 axial flow fans a year.

  • High quality fan engineering among impeller manufacturers
  • Optimiser impeller software
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Expedited fan orders
  • Custom fan engineering

Multi-Wing America has built its reputation on the quality of its fan engineering, cutting edge impeller software and unsurpassed customer service as an impeller manufacturer to provide the best product in the axial fan business. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your custom engineered fan is built to your exact requirements and delivered with the shortest lead time in the industry: the most reliable fans from the nation’s premier impeller manufacturer.

Multi-Wing is North America’s premier impeller manufacturer in the heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, radiator and engine cooling fan markets. Our industrial fan blades feature true reversible, sickle, increasing arc, airfoil, and broad paddle blade profiles in a diameter range of 8 to 108 inches. Multi-Wing America fan engineering staff designs fans that can provide low noise, high performance, high airflow, high efficiency: you set the parameters and our sales engineers will build the perfect air moving answer for your particular application requirements. We mold our high efficiency blade profiles in engineered thermoplastics, and we also die cast specific blades in aluminum.  As one of North America’s most trusted impeller manufacturers, all our custom engineered heavy duty fans are built with high-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs to ensure the highest quality industrial fans.  We balance, trim, assemble and machine all fan components according to ISO 9001 standards to ensure the highest quality fan for every order.

Multi-Wing America has earned its reputation as North America’s leading custom impeller manufacturer through its experienced fan engineering staff and the highest quality industrial fan blades in the business. Multi-Wing uses a unique system of standard interchangeable components to optimize the air-moving needs for almost any application. Every fan that Multi-Wing produces is a result of a rigid system of checks and balances along with four decades of hands on application expertise as an impeller manufacturer.