HVAC fans from the authority in HVAC fan engineering

Multi-Wing America’s full line of axial flow HVAC fans are designed by sales engineers dedicated exclusively to the HVAC fan markets in North America. Their experience in specifying impellers for a broad range of industrial applications means you’re getting more than just an HVAC fan: you’re getting the benefit of two generations of axial fan experience in industrial, commercial and agricultural ventilation, heating and air conditioning, and a spectrum of refrigeration and food processing applications.

Multi-Wing America’s sales engineering team travels North America providing the best service in the HVAC fan business and getting the kind of hands-on experience that our customers know they can rely on. That experience is complemented by our high-strength component part system of high efficiency, low noise, corrosion resistant axial fan blades. Every HVAC fan we design is built from industrial strength axial fan blades, which have been die cast in aluminum or molded in engineered thermoplastics. We build every single fan by hand in our factory in Northeast Ohio, and every step in the process is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Using our flexible design and system of standard interchangeable components, Multi-Wing can optimize virtually any air-moving solution.

Each HVAC fan is built with our high-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs and our high-efficiency blade profiles. Using our airfoil, sickle, increasing arc, broad paddle, and true reversible axial fan blades, our engineering staff can customize an HVAC fan solution for a broad selection of applications. Our heavy duty HVAC fans provide high efficiency with low noise, and our extensive range of products give our engineers the flexibility to select a fan that meets your pressure and airflow requirements. Multi-Wing’s lightweight, HVAC fans can also provide the opportunity to use smaller horsepower motors, which can reduce electrical costs. And with our custom fan engineering and expedited service, you won’t have to wait for your supplier to get a truckload of fixed diameter, stamped fans the next time you need a quality axial fan in a hurry.

  • High pressure fans
  • High airflow fans
  • High efficiency aluminum fans
  • Temperature extreme applications
  • Rush delivery fans available