High airflow fans for lumber kilns and lumber sheds

Multi-Wing’s true reversible fans are tailor made for the heavy duty air-moving requirements typically found in the wood drying industry. Our true reversible series features fan blades that are true airfoils in both directions, achieving efficiencies of more than 70 percent – significantly higher than many reversing fans in today’s market. And our true reversible series provides that efficiency in a low noise fan that delivers uniform airflow across the load. Multi-Wing’s high efficiency airfoil fans also provide the high airflow and long throws required in lumber sheds.

  • True airfoil blades in both directions
  • High efficiency fans
  • Uniform airflow across the load

Consult your Multi-Wing America Sales Engineer for an optimized fan solution. Popular Multi-Wing fan selections for lumber kilns include: the TR7Z, TR8Z and the TR 11W in our true reversible series; and the 3H, 4Z, 5Z and 6W in our airfoil series.