Multi-Wing America's cooling tower, refrigeration and HVAC fans

Multi-Wing America’s sales engineering team is experienced in designing axial fans for a wide variety of commercial refrigeration applications including air cooled condensers, blast freezers, chillers, evaporators, and food processing and storage. Our precision balanced fan selections are built with die cast aluminum hubs and our sturdy aluminum fan blades – all designed for the robust requirements of temperature extremes down to -76º F.

Multi-Wing America Fan Guys are experts in axial fan blade applications

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Our cooling tower fans are built to achieve peak efficiency through an in-depth collaboration with our customers on their exact requirements. We engineer each cooling tower fan to deliver the precise, low noise performance required using our lightweight, plastic fan blades to put less load on your motor. And our corrosion resistant blade materials, stainless steel hardware, and selection of protective coatings stand up to the harshest environmental factors of water-cooling applications.

In the our HVAC markets we have designed axial fan solutions for man coolers, panel fans, tube axial fans, grain dryers, wood and brick drying kilns, hovercraft and more. Our high efficiency blade profiles can save operational costs through reduced fuel consumption or smaller horsepower motors for a number of commercial ventilation applications. And with the rising demand for low noise axial fans, our sickle and airfoil blade profiles can help bring you into compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Noise and Hearing Conservation Standards for workplace noise exposure in industrial applications in the United States.