Heavy duty fans built from heavy duty fan components

Multi-Wing America designs a variety of heavy duty fans for some of the world’s most demanding industrial applications including oil and gas exploration, commercial refrigeration and a long list of construction equipment. Our heavy duty fans are built from Multi-Wing’s system of interchangeable components using molded, engineered thermoplastics including glass reinforced polypropylene, the more robust glass reinforced polyamide, or nylon, and die-cast aluminum (see our Materials page). This combination allows Multi-Wing to custom engineer high strength, heavy duty fans that are a fraction of the weight of steel fans, resulting in less wear on mechanical components and reduced operational expenses.

While Multi-Wing’s precision balanced aluminum fans are very popular selections for extreme temperature applications in everything from refrigeration fans to air cooled heat exchangers, our nylon materials are used in most of the heavy duty fans we design based on their robust characteristics in the most brutal conditions. We use virgin nylon with no reclaimed or reground materials in our blade molding processes, which ensures the integrity and strength of the fan blades. And those same materials are a great answer for corrosive environments, along with a variety of protective coatings. All our heavy duty fans are built using Multi-Wing’s industrial strength blade root system, and they are mounted in our die-cast aluminum hubs. Through generations of exhaustive testing and application experience, Multi-Wing’s Research and Development team’s fan engineering has identified the key stress points on the blades, and their blade designs ensure that our heavy duty fans stand up to the most demanding conditions.

One of the most challenging issues for heavy duty fan manufacturers is vibration. Construction equipment, drilling equipment and commercial refrigeration applications are just some of the most rigorous tests our fans must pass every day. The powerful energy or vibrations generated by this class of industrial equipment is transferred to the fan blades during operation, potentially causing premature wear and even fan destruction. Multi-Wing’s heavy duty fans are designed to handle the stress through high strength materials, professional balancing, advanced design, and the use of non-metallic blades in some applications. Our rugged thermoplastic blades actually absorb some of the vibration that would destroy certain steel fans. And with greater tip speed limits than steel fans, Multi-Wing heavy duty fans in thermoplastics can achieve higher RPM, which means greater airflow to overcome higher static pressure.