Growing demand for Multi-Wing’s PMAX3™ narrow-depth axial fan is being met with increased production

Monday, December 4th, 2017

PMAX3 Narrow Depth Axial Fan

BURTON, Ohio—Demand for PMAX3™ narrow-depth axial fans has grown rapidly for a wide range of applications with restricted space, including mobile power generators and off-highway equipment. The greater array of PMAX3’s modular configurations allows Multi-Wing to quickly increase production. PMAX3 fans deliver higher static pressure with reduced operating noise. With its advanced blade root design and minimal axial deflection, PMAX3 has the strongest profile of the company’s fans.

“As emissions and noise reduction requirements evolve, the need for high-performance fans for restricted spaces continues to grow,” says Jim Crowley, president of Multi-Wing America. “PMAX3’s modular flexibility combined with dedicated engineering support, prototyping and advanced manufacturing, allows us to deliver the right fan, quickly.”

Offered in diameters from 17.5 to 25 inches (445 to 635 mm), PMAX3 fans have an axial depth of 3 to 4.5 inches (77 to 114 mm). PMAX3 fans are available with a 9-blade configuration and pitch angles from 20° to 47.5° in 2.5° increments. Blades are constructed of glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG), which has an operating temperature from -40°F to 240°F (-40°C to 115°C). The hub is constructed of pressure-die-cast aluminum alloy.

A 15.75 inch (400 mm)-diameter PMAX3 has tip speeds of up to 426.51 feet per second (130 meters per second). The maximum-diameter PMAX3 fan is capable of operating at 3800 rpm. This narrow-depth, high-static pressure fan is compatible with Multi-Wing’s viscous clutches and competitive fan clutches.

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