Evaporator fans engineered using industrial fan blades

Multi-Wing America is the preferred provider for custom engineered evaporator fans in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our versatile product line is built with industrial strength materials and a component parts system that delivers superior airflow, pressure and efficiency in a sturdy evaporator fan. Using stainless steel hardware, zinc-coated bushings and both nylon and aluminum fan blades, we can customize corrosion resistant evaporator fans that out-perform and outlast the one-piece, fixed pitch cast refrigeration fans that used to be the only option.

  • High strength evaporator fans
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • High efficiency fans
  • Custom aluminum and nylon fans
  • Generate high pressure and airflow

At Multi-Wing America understanding the challenges in commercial refrigeration means we can design the right evaporator fan for your requirements. As air moisture from the environment or stored product combines with poor airflow, ice builds up on evaporator coils and static pressure increases, negatively affecting cooling capacity and efficiency. Multi-Wing’s engineering experts examine these variables in designing a custom evaporator fan that will handle a range of pressures than can result from these ice build-ups. By adjusting blade count, pitch and fan speed along with the material and blade profile options, we can optimize each evaporator fan for any refrigeration application’s specific requirements. So in marrying two generations of axial fan expertise with a component product line we can tailor as a solution, you get an optimized evaporator fan.

Our airfoil and sickle profiles are ideally suited for evaporator fan design because both are engineered to generate high pressure and airflow in a high efficiency design. An engineered evaporator fan solution will save horsepower and create significant potential savings through decreased energy costs or by opening the door to smaller motors. And using these aerodynamically superior profiles with our die cast aluminum or molded nylon blades creates a spectrum of engineering possibilities. Our high strength aluminum blades can handle brutally cold temperatures down to -76º F, and our robust nylon material is a popular choice for evaporator fans because the glass reinforced polyamide material promotes ice shedding down to -40º F. Multi-Wing evaporator fans: designed for high efficiency, high static pressure and high airflow, all in a lightweight, corrosion resistant axial fan.