Oil cooler fans built on generations of oil cooler fan expertise

Multi-Wing America’s heavy duty industrial fans deliver superior performance in the most challenging environments. Our rugged oil cooler fans are built from pressure die cast aluminum hubs and molded thermoplastic fan blades for a lightweight impeller that can handle the load. Because our high efficiency fans are half the weight of steel, their lower moment of inertia also minimizes fan drive wear while reducing power consumption. And Multi-Wing has a number of narrow profile fans for compartments that have a compact installation space.
  • Low noise oil cooler fans
  • Lightweight fans reduce wear on fan drives
  • Narrow profiles for compact installation space
Consult your Multi-Wing America Sales Engineer for an optimized fan solution. Popular Multi-Wing fan selections for oil coolers and remote radiators include: the 2H, 3H, 4Z, 5Z, 5W, 6W , 9W and 10G in our airfoil series; the 1H, 4H, 1Z, 2Z, 7Z and 1W in our sickle series; the TR7Z in our true reversible series; and the new PressureMAX high pressure fan.