Cooling tower fans designed to deliver high efficiency and low noise

Multi-Wing America is a leading provider of axial cooling tower fans for the power generation, HVAC, and process cooling markets. Multi-Wing cooling tower fans are custom engineered for crossflow and counterflow cooling towers using our broad paddle, airfoil and sickle series blade profiles. Anchored in our high-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs, our cooling tower fans are designed to be high efficiency, low noise fans.

  • Custom cooling tower fans
  • Anodized, Teflon, epoxy, and custom coatings available
  • Lightweight aluminum and polypropylene fans
  • Zinc coated bushings and stainless steel hardware
  • Diameter range of 24-108 inches

Multi-Wing’s axial cooling tower fans offer multiple design and performance advantages over both one-piece cast aluminum fans and centrifugal fans. Our engineers use Multi-Wing’s component parts system to design the perfect fan selection based on each cooling tower fan’s specific performance requirements. That system gives us the advantage of making fan selections that deliver the kind of precise performance that one-piece fans can rarely achieve, delivering optimum cooling without drawing excessive moisture out of the system. Our blades’ large surface area delivers the high static pressure required for forced draft cooling towers, and our high efficiency fans require approximately half the horsepower of most centrifugal fans, creating substantial energy savings over the life of the unit. And for applications near residential or other sound-sensitive areas, our low noise blade profiles produce significant sound reductions in cooling tower fans without sacrificing thermal performance.

Multi-Wing engineers can customize your cooling tower fans to achieve peak efficiency by adjusting the pitch and/or changing the fan speed, and our lightweight plastic fan blades put less load on your motor. Our industrial strength glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG) and glass reinforced polyamide (PAG) cooling tower fans also combat corrosion in a less expensive option, and our aluminum fans have the same customizable features as our thermoplastic blades. Multi-Wing America offers stainless steel hardware, zinc coated bushings and a variety of protective coatings to extend the life of the fan in water cooling applications including, but not limited to, anodized hard coat, epoxy coating and Teflon coating. Multi-Wing combines lightweight plastic fan blades in multiple profiles, superior impeller design, and a spectrum of corrosion resistant hardware and coating options to produce a quiet, high efficiency cooling tower fan with an airflow customized for your application.