Condenser fans from the HVAC air moving experts

Condenser fans from Multi-Wing maximize cooling performanceMulti-Wing America’s system for designing custom axial fans has become the preferred approach in engineering high efficiency, low noise condenser fans. A condenser fan must maximize cooling performance as efficiently and as quietly as possible, and that means producing greater airflow at lower horsepower. The traditional stamped steel or cast aluminum condenser fans are a one-size-fits-all solution that cannot meet various applications’ unique operating requirements. With Multi-Wing’s high-strength thermoplastic fan blade materials and our high efficiency, low noise blade profiles, we can engineer a custom condenser fan that will deliver airflow, save power and reduce your fan noise.

Our engineering staff looks at every variable in the selection process including different blade profiles, fan speed, pitch angle and blade count to design the ideal condenser fan. Using the right selection means building a condenser fan that generates superior airflow, creates the ideal cooling capacity and improves the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings for Air-Conditioning & Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment. Custom condenser fans have distinct advantages over stamped or cast fans, which can translate to immediate cost savings. An optimized, lightweight condenser fan generates greater airflow and improves efficiency, while stamped and cast fans are only designed to save a little money up front – savings that you sacrifice to higher energy costs fairly quickly.

Low noise is just as important as efficiency for condenser fans, and Multi-Wing’s airfoil and sickle profiles are an ideal solution for both challenges. These profiles provide uniform, high-volume airflow with low power consumption for optimum efficiency. Their twisted design also reduces turbulence across the blade’s surface, and the blade’s thin trailing edge reduces the vortex created as air leaves the blade surface, resulting in low-noise axial impellers. Our low noise condenser fans are a great component in any Noise and Hearing Conservation efforts based on the standards set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and our engineers are expert on reducing decibel levels in selecting the right fan for each application. And because our condenser fans generate the required airflow at slower fan speeds, Multi-Wing’s condenser fans reduce noise and improve efficiency by design.