The true reversible is a true airfoil blade in both directions

Multi-Wing America keeps moving forward in reversing fan technology with its expanding series of reversible impellers. Multi-Wing’s innovative true reversing airfoil blades produce equal airflow in both directions because each is a true airfoil section.  This low noise fan design can drive efficiencies up to 74 percent, which is significantly higher than other reversing profiles in the market today. With a diameter range of 12 to 63 inches, the adjustable-pitch true reversing profile is a cost-effective, high-efficiency solution for a spectrum of applications.

Designed for reversing applications that require high pressure or high air flow, the true reversing profile is the perfect fan for the ventilation and food processing industries, and is a great solution in wood or brick drying kilns.  The reversible blades also produce impressing cooling performance in rugged radiator fan selections involving heavy debris including construction, agriculture and waste management.

The TR7Z, TR8Z and TR11W blades are all available in aluminum fans with a temperature range of -76º to 473º F, and the TR7Z is also available in lightweight nylon fans with a temperature range of -40º to 248º F.  Because the true reversible profile is an airfoil blade, our true reversible series is also a great solution for low noise fans. The Multi-Wing true reversing profiles’ rugged durability takes efficiency and low noise in a new direction for reversing airfoil blades.

Series Z W
Diameter 12.8 – 46.3 18.7 – 63.2
Blade types TR7Z, TR8Z TR11W
No. of blades 3 – 16 3 – 13