Sickle fan blade design generates pressure in a low noise fan

Multi-Wing America’s sickle profile is the answer for generating pressure with a low noise fan. The sickle blade’s swept design and thin trailing edge reduce pure tones in the sound spectrum and decrease vortex shedding to generate low wake turbulence for a quieter impeller. The sickle profile’s large chord length and overall surface area also combine to generate greater pressure at slower speeds.

Blade Profile - SickleGenerating high static pressure also makes the sickle blade an ideal solution for Tier IV compliance. The 1H, 4H, 1Z, 2Z and 7Z blades each can be tailored as an engine cooling fan, a condenser fan, a radiator fan or an oil cooler fan, just to name a few applications. Multi-Wing designed the narrow profile 7Z specifically to deliver the higher static pressure required to help meet Tier 4 emissions standards. The 7Z’s narrow axial depth also makes it a great selection at 32 and 36 inch diameters in cooling packages with tight engine compartments.

The sickle profile is a natural selection for other applications requiring low noise fans such as cooling towers, evaporators, commercial ventilation and refrigeration applications. In fact, Multi-Wing America engineers have offered low noise fans for applications that have reduced noise by up to 7 dBA. Because sound power level is increased to the fifth power as fan speed increases, the sickle blade’s ability to deliver high static pressure and less noise make it the perfect blade profile for Tier IV.

The rising need for low noise fans can be traced back to the European Parliament and Council adopting Directive 2000/14/EC on environmental noise on May 8, 2000, setting stringent guidelines for sound-power limits on 22 of the 57 types of equipment used outdoors. The Directive outlined provisions for noise mapping, action plans for reduction, and set new noise emission standards worldwide for any industry working in the global market. Compliance is mandatory, and Multi-Wing’s selection of sickle profiles could be the low noise fans you need.

Series H Z W G
Diameter 11.2 – 27.6 15.9 – 40.5 21.6 – 84.3 38.6 – 99.8
Blade types 1H, 4H 1Z, 2Z, 7Z 1W, 2W, 3W 1G
No. of blades 3 – 14 3 – 16 3 – 13 3 – 8