PressureMAX high pressure engine cooling fans

The PressureMAX high pressure engine cooling fan is specifically designed for Tier 4/Stage III B Standards for Nonroad compliant radiator packages. Tier 4 emissions standards call for stringent reductions in particulate matter and nitrogen oxide levels, resulting in unprecedented challenges for these cooling packages. Higher heat rejection requirements, higher ambient temperatures and air treatment technologies that occupy up to 25% of the engine compartment create the need for narrow-profile axial fans that generate higher static pressures in a limited cooling envelope. The PressureMAX high pressure engine cooling fan was designed with these air-moving challenges in mind.

  • High static pressure fan
  • Virtually zero blade deflection
  • High efficiency fan, saves horsepower and fuel
  • Low noise fan
  • Diameter range of 24.5-51 inches

Blade Profile - PressureMAXThe new PressureMAX blade profile generates 20 percent more static pressure and is 5-7 percent more efficient than standard airfoil fans, saving horsepower and fuel. Its zero blade deflection and narrow axial depth make a PressureMAX fan the perfect fit for the narrow cooling envelopes common in Tier 4 engine compartments. Multi-Wing’s PressureMAX was also adapted from our low-noise airfoil profile blade design. High efficiency is the result of reduced turbulence across the blade surface, and airflow turbulence results in increased fan noise. The PressureMAX’s high efficiency profile reduces airflow turbulence across the profile, resulting in a lower noise signature.

Multi-Wing’s research and development team conceived the PressureMAX by studying the performance of specific sections of existing blade profiles so we could optimize performance to satisfy precise design criteria. Using our proprietary development methods including a mix of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Diagnostics, and our new technologies, Multi-Wing researchers designed the PressureMAX as an engine cooling fan for the high heat rejection requirements resulting from Tier 4 emissions standards. By combining our in-depth research and development and our customer partnerships across multiple diesel engine cooling applications, Multi-Wing engineered the PressureMAX high pressure engine cooling fan.

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Series Z
Diameter 24.5 – 51
No. of blades 5-16
Materials PAG nylon