The MxFlo solution for engine cooling: a mixed flow fan with modular flexibility

With generations of axial fan experience in the off-highway market, engine manufacturers called on Multi-Wing to apply that expertise in creating a new cooling solution for Tier 4’s stringent emission requirements. Multi-Wing’s answer is the MxFlo: a mixed-flow fan that provides the flexibility of our modular fans, with the pressure capabilities up to 50 percent greater than a standard axial fan. The MxFlo is designed to deliver peak efficiency at higher pressure in the demanding operating conditions that use orifice plates and large tip clearances.

  • Engine cooling fan that delivers peak efficiency at higher pressure
  • Built for orifice plate inlets with large tip clearances
  • Combined axial and radial airflow pattern moves air around the engine
  • Perfect for Tier 4 narrow installation spaces
  • Diameter range of 21.5-29 inches

Using a hybrid blade design and innovative hub, the MxFlo’s combined axial and radial airflow patterns cool the engine while reducing turbulence and increasing efficiency. MxFlo blades are made of glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG), and the high-strength hub uses long-fiber glass-reinforced polyamide (PAGLF). The fan can be configured for six or nine blades and is available in a range of pitch angles: 22º, 26º, 30º, 33º, 37º and 43º. With a narrow axial depth – 3.5 to 5 inches – the MxFlo was built for the limited installation space available in Tier 4 engine compartments.

The MxFlo’s six-inch steel hub plate can be machined for a range of options including flange, bushing, shaft and tapered hydraulic mounts. This new fan-clutch combination provides customers with a one-stop solution backed by full service and support, while eliminating much of the burden of testing, development or having to match systems.

Series MxFlo
Diameter 21.5-29 inches
Blade type MxFlo
No. of blades 6, 9
Materials Glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG)