Increasing arc axial blades perform in challenging conditions

Airfoil in a heat exchanger applicationThe increasing arc series is the perfect solution for applications requiring high airflow and high static pressure impellers, operating with inefficient inlet geometry – a sharp-edge inlet or large tip clearance – common in engine cooling applications and radiator packages. The lightweight fan is half the weight of steel and its lower moment of inertia reduces wear on drive components. The increasing arc profile blades’ broad tip area improves impeller performance in less-than-ideal conditions.

  • Ideal for sharp-edge inlet or large tip clearance
  • High airflow, high static pressure
  • Lightweight – reduces wear on drive components
  • Air compressor fans, generator fans, engine cooling fans
  • Diameter range of 8.7-49.5 inches

The increasing arc is a great solution for generators, construction equipment, cranes, motor coach chassis and compressors. In fact, when a major manufacturer of mobile compressors prepared to take their new low-horsepower unit to market, they found two issues that led them to the increasing arc profile. First, the engine’s excessive vibration required a large tip clearance in the shroud, reducing the fan’s ability to generate the required static pressure and airflow. Second, their steel replacement fan was almost double the engine manufacturer’s specified weight limit on the fan-drive system.

Multi-Wing offered our 6H increasing arc blade with a profile designed to produce airflow and static pressure in poor inlet conditions. The 6H profile cooled the engine to 125° Fahrenheit though the application required 120°. The 6H fan was also 46 percent lighter than the replacement fan, generating a cool solution to a weighty problem.

Series H Z
Diameter 8.7 – 29.2 12.0 – 49.4
Blade types 6H 6Z
No. of blades 3 – 14 3 – 16