Aluminum fan engineering built on industrial fan expertise

Multi-Wings America’s high-strength aluminum fans are tested under the most demanding requirements in global applications every day. Our die-cast aluminum fan blades produce an aerodynamically superior profile, and with a diameter range of 9 to 84 inches configured from 3 to 16 blades, we offer thousands of options in building the perfect aluminum fan. With a temperature range of -76 to 473º F, Multi-Wing America’s aluminum fans are ideally suited for the harsh conditions of temperature extreme applications.

Multi-Wing’s high efficiency aluminum condenser fans can improve the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings for Air-Conditioning & Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment. Our aluminum refrigeration fans are a popular solution for blast and spiral freezers and commercial refrigeration because they can lower operational costs, and each fan is precision balanced to reduce vibrations in the system. Multi-Wing’s broad product range can also meet the high-pressure requirements for transportation refrigeration and air conditioning. Using Multi-Wing’s lightweight, aluminum HVAC fans can give you the flexibility to use smaller horsepower motors, which can mean lower energy costs. And our aluminum fans are the perfect solution for a range of highly corrosive environments including commercial and agricultural ventilation.

Multi-Wing’s aluminum fans are available in our high efficiency, low noise airfoil, sickle and true reversible blade profiles. All three profiles gives you a high efficiency, aluminum fan that also reduces sound levels in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) guidelines for an effective hearing conservation program. Our precision die-casting allows us to twist the blade along the length, creating a more uniform airflow across the blade surface. Our blades’ thin leading and trailing edges reduce turbulence across the blade profile, creating our signature high-efficiency, low-noise aluminum fans.

  • Precision balanced impellers
  • High efficiency HVAC fans
  • Adjustable and fixed pitch impellers
  • Temperature extreme applications
  • Corrosion resistant axial fans