About Multi-Wing America

A handshake agreement between Ole Stig Andersen and Jim Crowley Sr. in 1972 was the start of a 30-year friendship and business relationship, and Multi-Wing America’s initiation into the Multi-Wing family of companies. Under the leadership of Jim and Terese Crowley, the company grew to be a leading supplier of axial fan blades in North America. Today, Multi-Wing America is a division of Multi-Wing Group.

Multi-Wing America is a modern factory, with state of the art production equipment, and over 60 people dedicated to providing customers the highest quality products, on time delivery, and level of customer service unequaled in our industry.

From our Burton, Ohio facility just 30 miles east of Cleveland, we produce more than 500,000 fans per year to a diverse application base ranging from Engine Cooling and Radiators to Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Ventilation, and a spectrum of HVAC applications.

Multi-Wing America’s engineering staff can customize an axial fan solution for virtually any air-moving application. Every impeller is custom designed for your specific application, and each one comes with a sales engineer dedicated to you.

Each Multi-Wing fan is built with precision engineeringPrecision Crafting

At Multi-Wing we start with a design customized for your application, building each fan from the highest quality components. High-strength, die-cast aluminum hubs are combined with our high-efficiency blade profiles, molded in engineered thermo plastics or die cast in aluminum. Machining, assembly, trimming and balancing are performed to tight tolerances under controlled conditions to create the perfect fan for your needs.